Meet the Coach

monumentsmilecoachriceEnergetic, Unconventional and Engaging – As a Curator of Energy, Coach George Rice is intense in his commitment, interactive in his delivery and ready to put you in the game.

As the CEO (Chief Empowerment Officer) and Head Coach of Triple Threat Enterprises, LLC based in Washington, DC, he is a triple threat whose message is fueled by his dedication to and passion for coaching, training, mentoring and empowering young people to surpass their own expectations.

A native of Toledo, Ohio and an alumnus of Morehouse College and Bowling Green State University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Counseling, he has dedicated and committed himself to be about what he speaks about. He has garnered his impeccable “coaching” stats working in the public school system, the non-profit sector, and in higher education administration

.“Coach” Rice’s mission is simple; to encourage, challenge, prepare and empower young people to be the leaders of today, starting today by preparing them to become triple threats in their everyday lives. As an educator and basketball coach for more than 10 years, his basketball philosophy is the same as his philosophy of leadership and life; “A head coach is only as good as his/her assistant coach. Thus, the development of real leaders happens when they constantly surround themselves with the right assistant coaches, entrusted with the duty of sharpening raw skills and showing them how to critically think the game, not merely play the game.